Student-Athlete recruitment

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Every high school student-athlete (and their parents) believe that they are recruitable.  The sad reality is that many will not be recruited, even if they are great athletes because they don't understand that the college admissions-recruitment matrix is more about understanding the playing field of college sports, coaches, athletic departments, admissions offices and the personalities and relationships involved in making recruitment decisions.

Getting recruited is about:

  • connecting the dots and meeting the right people.
  • marketing and we don't mean high school stat websites.
  • understanding the collective college admissions and recruitment missions of a specific college or university.
  • knowing who to talk with (and not to talk with) and when.
  • efficient student-athlete public relations and personal branding.

Our comprehensive student-athlete recruitment program includes our recruiting knowledge, college admissions counseling and guidance, personal consultations, marketing, public relations, personal branding, connections to our college coach networks, our network of former D-I, D-II, and D-III athletes, college search and matching and much more. Our mission is to offer our collective college guidance, knowledge, experience, connections and exposure to high school student-athletes and their parents to generate admissions acceptances, playing opportunities, and scholarships based on the student-athlete's educational, personal, and athletic goals.

We don't teach you about the college recruiting process, we help you get recruited!

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