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Ivy League Application Boot Camp Boot camp

We GUARANTEE  that we will find multiple mistakes on your application and in your student profile that would cause you to be REJECTED!

Ivy League Application Boot Camp

High school juniors (class of 2023) take note: "It's Getting Tougher to Get Into the Ivies".

Ivy League Application Boot Camp is a division of Pinnacle Educational Center Admissions Advisors Group, and is in partnership Ivy League Admissions Advisors.  It's our 14th year (2008-2022) of increasing students' chances to get accepted into Ivy League colleges and universities!

Ivy League Application Boot Camp (ILABC) are interactive, informative, activity-oriented and intensive two-day workshops for navigating specific elements of the complex, anxiety-ridden and competitive college application process.

At ILABC, we help top U.S. and international students to increase their chances of getting accepted to Ivy League colleges and universities!  After all your effort, do you really want to be rejected from the Ivies?​​​

Our camps are designed to help students get a “jump-start” on their college applications under the guidance of admissions expert, Dr. Paul Lowe.  Based on our previous camps and mistakes we have seen top students make, we know that we can increase your chances of acceptance to Ivy League schools! Please see the details below.

During our camps, Dr. Lowe and his A-Team will guide students to:

  • Gain an understanding of the college admissions process and how admissions officers evaluate applications.
  • Receive advice on who should write meaningful and impressive recommendations and how to ask for their help.
  • Get feedback on which schools to apply to and the chances of admission.
  • Work one-on-one and in small groups to complete the Common Application datasheets.
  • Complete an activity chart that highlights the student’s awards, extracurricular activities, and leadership positions.
  • Brainstorm, write, and edit a personal statement essay that can be used with a variety of applications.
  • Organize all college application materials including application requirements, deadlines, and supplements;
  • Learn interviewing techniques for admissions and alumni interviews.
  • Develop your personal WOW-FactorAssessment – Your “je ne sais quoi” in college admissions.
  • Add rhythm, vibe, soul and cadence to your distinctive qualities which allow you to separate yourself from the crowd.

In addition, you will also hear from college admission officers on various aspects of the college admission process!
After each ILABC session ends, we provide a "Follow-up application consultation" for each attendee.

Register early!  Space is limited for small group intensives.